Spices in farms

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Spice Safari

Friday, April 15, 2016 11:49:36 AM Asia/Calcutta

Attention fellow chefs. We need a formal introduction!



If you are wondering where I am, I am the seed of the fruit you see in the picture and my
brother, Mace (who loves me a little too much) is also a part of the fruit. Together we
give your dishes the exotic touch. Well, what can we do? We are the prodigy siblings! 


I know, I know I make you want to exclaim, “Eww” in disgust right now, don’t I?
Covered in soil and tangled in roots! Mind you though. I am literally the most beneficial
spice...forgive my lack of modesty here. Actually I take that back. I am awesome and
I know it. Deal with it. And yes, I am a stem and not a root. It would do you good
to remember that. 


I am the king of spices. And if you have the audacity to ask the king to
introduce himself… All I would say is, “Off with his head”!


I am the flowering bud, picked raw and dried. Like all other flowers, I am a fragrant
Cumin seeds 

Sadly, it’s the beauty that catches the eye. But take a second look…I am the seed that
grows on the herb. Also, it’s me who has the last laugh. Beauty is just ephemeral after all.

Star anise

I am the classy one. An eight segmented pod, with warm and sweet notes with a
lot of fragrance. Don’t I sound like an all in one package to you?


I am the Queen of spices. People say I have all the reasons to be one. Pleasant,
gentle and always sweet. People are just being sweet, I am just me.Sesame

I am hidden inside the pods. When they dry up and open you can see me, and use
me to impart a nutty flavour and an occasional crunch to things.

Mustard seeds

Maybe I am not one of those glamorous spices that steal the show…but none of your
would be the same without me! So some respect please? Just a little word of
would do too!Cinnamon

I am the tough, hard core guy. The tree bark. You should know though, just a little heat
and I am all over the place. Just like butter on a hot pan!
Well that’s us folks. We help
you create magic and win hearts. You are welcome!