7 ways our actors might react if offered to eat Mirchi

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Spice Safari

Wednesday, July 20, 2016 5:55:17 PM Asia/Calcutta

We all love it when our favourite Bollywood actors enact emotions on the silver screen. But, what would happen if we offered these actors to have India’s favourite spice, “Mirchi”?

Here’s what we think each actor would react when offered Mirchi. How many do you agree with?

Sonakshi Sinha would be terrified!  

Daughter of Shotgun Shatrughna Sinha, Sonakshi might be as tough as her Dad. But, we guess, when it would come devouring a mirchi, she might just hate us for extending the challenge. We think that she is too sweet to accept the challenge and eat that Mirchi.



Anushka Sharma would love the spice!

Anushka Sharma, we believe, would surely have the guts to enjoy the spicy taste of Mirchi! She would start asking for another when she must have hardly finished the first!



Deepika would just dread the thought of having Mirchi!

Based on the sweet characters played by her, it would be safe to assume that Deepika would refuse even tasting a mirchi, forget completely having one. She would just nod her head in denial!


Akshay Kumar would just love the idea

Our Favourite Action hero, Akshay Kumar, might just love the idea and accept the challenge without thinking twice. Jumping off the building or chasing a car is something which he can easily execute. So, there is no big deal for him to chew a mirchi or two!


Innocent Imran Khan would just flip out!

The innocent looking Imran Khan would definitely be terrified of eating Mirchi. He would look at us with surprise and just freak out! Given his innocent image, we can’t even imagine Imran Khan eating Mirchi.



Farhan Akhtar would smirk at our challenge

An actor, producer, director & writer; Farhan Akhtar has not been afraid of experimentation. We imagine Farhan to not even consider our challenge as a ‘challenge’. He would just smirk across the table and say – “Just pass the mirchi; Watch & Learn”



Ranbir & Katrina, both would freak out, simultaneously

The charming couple of Bollywood, Ranbir & Katrina, would freak out at the thought of having Mirchi! Katrina might just run far away and Ranbir would surely follow her to see if she is Okay! We don’t even think there is a possibility that Ranbir & Katrina, who have played many sweet characters, would happily accept our challenge.


Can you imagine how other celebrities would react when offered Mirchi? Let us know in the comments!