Our Story

A little bit about the store, Spicesafari is an online store with hand-picked and best sourced collection of spices and seasonings from all over the world. The store is owned and managed by a small team of husband and wife duo Nitesh and Tulsi; and tech guru Rahul from their little office in Bangalore, India.

Food, cooking and exploring new cuisines was a stress buster in our house.  Cooking paella or red curry at the end of long day would just lift those senses. But, alas, the problem was all the spices and blends which were so integral to the flavor of the dish where never available. Most times these spices would never be available at our neighborhood pop and mom store or if available where not authentic or a total rip off ...leaving us frustrated.

As we slowly indulged in the idea and spent time figuring out what others felt about this and also gaining knowledge about the spice market, we realized there was a large vacuum that remained unfulfilled and like us there were many people who were looking for spices….those flavours.. and could not find them.

With this little thought of bringing to flavour and leaving a smile of having cooked a lovely dish was the inspiration and thought behind Spicesafari.

Hope you enjoy being an avid lover of food and budding home chef with all the spices, blends, mixes and drops that we bring to your home from across to the world.

We would love to hear from you and do let us know if you cant find something you are looking for. I will like to leave you with a saying we have at Spicesafari…

Come find the known, get amazed by the unknown. Experience this, it’s not a journey, It’s a Spicesafari!


With love from,

Nitesh, Tulsi and Rahul.