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Flavourit's Black Pepper Extract - 5 Ml

Brand - Flavourit
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Flavourit - black pepper extract - 5 ml

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Highly concentrated extracts of herbs and spices to enliven your food and drink. They retain all the natural goodness of the herbs and spices. They make cooking a whole lot convenient that whole or powdered variant on the spice.

About the spice

Black pepper, the small black balls of flavour add an unique intensity to any kind of cooking. It really gives it a feisty punch in each bite at the tip of the tongue. Black pepper has been used as a spice in India from prehistoric times and it helps with cold, weight loss besides various other healthy properties.

Additional Information

Brand Flavourit
About Brand

FLAVOURIT is an initiative to share and sustain the passion of spices. Flavourit selects the finest of the spices from the farms where growing spices is a tradition and a faith. The commitment to quality and intimacy with purity roots deep into the spirit of Indian spices. Flavourit strives to spread the pleasure of Indian spices throughout modern world.

The pleasure of spices is preserved by the people who work on the soil with Flavourit. Flavourit streamlines the efforts of people working at grassroots with market forces. It helps growers, collectives and developmental ventures to bring the economic and social inclusion.

Flavourit is also committed to health and wellness of people and planet. It ensures natural taste and aroma of the spices, packaged in eco friendly ways, suitable for modern lifestyle

It is a brand by the Spice Board of India

Ingredients black pepper extract
How to use / Recipes

Black pepper whole or crushed while cooking. Adding a little black pepper to the chicken or lentil just enhances its flavour.

Pepper can be used with any kind of cooking ingredient. You can use it as whole, powder, coarsely crushed or just sauce.

Fight cough and cold with Kadah or an Indian spice mixture – Boil whole black pepper (5-6 pcs), basil (5-6 leaves), ginger (dry or fresh – an inch), cinnamon (2-3 barks), one large betel nut (pan) leaf, pinch of black salt in a glass of drinking water. Reduce the glass of water to half. Mix a tablespoon of the hot kadah along with half a teaspoon of honey (mix honey before giving it to the child). Give it every 3 -4 hours for relief. The kadah can be warmed as and when needed.

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