24 Mantra's Cumin Whole - 100 Gm

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24 Mantra - Cumin Whole - 100gm

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Cumin our small brown seeds that come from the flowering plant Apiaceae which is heavily cultivated in India and the Mediterranean. Cumin is a combination of flavors which taste earthy, musky, and slightly bitter and a spicy flavor which hits you a little later. It’s very distinct flavor which compliments the heat of red chilies very well.

Its a very critical ingredient in coming in various cuisines across the world from India, Mexico, Swiss Dutch in cheese, European countries in pies, breads and biscuits.

Jeera seeds help prevent mucous from collecting in respiratory system, improve digestion, breakdown of fat, skin disorders, glowing face pack, hair loss, prevention of dandruff, anemia, etc.

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Brand 24 Mantra
About Brand

Founded in 2004, Sresta is a pioneer in organic foods. We at Sresta began with a unified, overarching purpose to change lives and do our bit for the country’s march towards a healthy future. We are passionate about organic foods. We want you and your family to have better, chemical and pesticide-free options. We want farmers to have a sustainable living. We want a better planet.

We have worked out to perfection on all the relevant yet diverse aspects of bringing organic foods to your kitchen. From the land, the right farming practices, the right storage to the right and minimal processing. We pay attention to every detail. Over the decade, apart from the scale of operation nothing has changed. Our commitment to all things organic, our integrity of purpose and our organic purity remain enviable. Today, we are India’s largest organic foods brand and work with 20,000 farmers in 15 states on 1,20,000 acres to make a positive difference to their lives. The purity, health and taste of our products subscribe to US, EU and India standards. We welcome you to our world of organic living.

Ingredients Cumin Whole
How to use / Recipes

Cumin in critical cooking spice in most Indian curries, whole jeera just like mustard is used for tempering in various curries or along dry veggies (added to the clarified or oil and ones it starts crackling leaves a nice flavour to all the meat/ vegetables being cooked).

Dry roasted and ground jeera powder is used to enhance flavor of yogurt and salad to give it a fresh yet musty flavor.

Cooking lentils without cumin is a strict no, besides adding flavour to the lentil it also ensures one does not become gasy because of the heaviness of the lentils.

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