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Deo's Kesar Milk Masala Spice Drops - 5 Ml

Brand - Deo's Masala Drops
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Deo's Masala Drops - Kesar Milk Masala Spice Drops - 5ml

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About the product

Spice Drops® are highly concentrated extracts of herbs and spices to enliven your food and drink. They retain all the natural goodness of the herbs and spices. They make cooking a whole lot convenient that whole or powdered variant on the spice.

About the spice

Saffron (Kesar) – is always known as the king of spices, from the crocus sativus. Its aroma and sweet smell is quite misleading from its healthy effect on the body. Saffron and milk just make a great combination, making boring milk so flavorful that you cannot keep your hands away from the same.


Reduce cold, improve digestion, boast energy, painful gums in children, and skin clarity

Additional Information

Brand Deo's Masala Drops
About Brand Deo's Masala Drops, brand is owned by Vaishali Industries, an all-women enterprise, born as a sister concern of D V Deo, generates employment to disadvantaged women. Whilst maintaining international standards of quality, completely natural custom-made products with eco-friendly packaging are a rage with customers and clients.
Ingredients Saffron extract, nutmeg extract, cardamom extract and emulsifier – E433/ polysorbate 80
How to use / Recipes How to use

1 drop for 200ml or more for a stronger flavour.

For best results use in the final stages of preparation or just before serving. For drinks add the drop(s) in the container and pour the drink on top.

Store in cool and dry place. Shake well before use.


Spices and herbs have been part of Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. A person is said to be healthy when there is perfect balance between all the three doshas (vata-air, pitta-fire and kapha-water). Apart from enhancing the taste and flavour of food, the spices included in Saffron Milk Masala mix are widely believed to support the digestion plus the benefits of saffron.

Spice facts

Saffron with dry fruits in warm milk is extremely health for children to fight common cold and also build immunity on a daily basis. This can be given 2-3 times a week.

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