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Flavourit - Saffron Strands - 1 gm

Brand - Flavourit
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Flavorit - Pure & Kashmiri Saffron - 1 mg


P>The pungent, earthy flavour is considered the world’s most expensive spice- saffron has that fantastical sweet smell which can never be mistaken for something else. Saffron’s flavour and distinct aroma elevates its surrounding flavours into something ethereal, something irreplaceable, and something royal. This royal spice was worth its weight of gold in ancient times. It is for this essential reason, you will realize -saffron was that match-less spice which was included in almost all the cuisines of the Mughal court.

Saffron is popularly known as king of spices. The delicate threads of saffron are harvested from the flower of crocus sativus. The orangish yellow strands of saffron taste grassy with a bitter aftertaste. It is the sweet fragrance and aroma of saffron that leaves a lingering taste for very long with a faint hint of honey and freshness of the sea.

Each strand is so flavorful that a little bit of it can take you a long way. A few strands are enough in any food.

Additional Information

Brand Flavourit
About Brand

FLAVOURIT is an initiative to share and sustain the passion of spices. Flavourit selects the finest of the spices from the farms where growing spices is a tradition and a faith. The commitment to quality and intimacy with purity roots deep into the spirit of Indian spices. Flavourit strives to spread the pleasure of Indian spices throughout modern world.

The pleasure of spices is preserved by the people who work on the soil with Flavourit. Flavourit streamlines the efforts of people working at grassroots with market forces. It helps growers, collectives and developmental ventures to bring the economic and social inclusion.

Flavourit is also committed to health and wellness of people and planet. It ensures natural taste and aroma of the spices, packaged in eco friendly ways, suitable for modern lifestyle

It is a brand by the Spice Board of India

Ingredients Saffron
How to use / Recipes

Saffron is predominately used in desserts like rice pudding, puddings, chocolate saffrons taste awesome, mango saffron cheese cake, poached pear with hint of saffron etc.

Savoury dishes like saffron with salmon give it that extra kick, the most famous biryani from the middle east is packed with saffron garnishing, lamb in saffron along wiht saffron pilaf has a nice sweet and spicy flavour, etc.

Saffron milk is very good helps enrich the goodness of milk. Further, external application of saffron either with milk or regular cold cream works wonders in clearing the skin and giving it a nice glow.

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